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Urelax Vacation Rental Home Owner FAQ

URelax Home Owner FAQ

What makes us different?  We offer full customer service to both the owner and the guest. We take care of all reservations, pre-arrival customer service, billing, collection, home presentation, web advertising, and targeted specials to fill gaps in your calendar. We employ proven active inventory management methods and strategies to obtain exceptional results. We are standing by 12 hours a day to take customer reservations in addition to our online booking system which can respond to guest inquiries and book reservations 24 hours a day on a secure platform.

What are your fees?  Our management fee is 25% and includes processing fees for all our marketing partners. Our Inclusive rate also includes many of the consumable supplies used at vacation homes like propane, aluminum foil, ziplock bags and even towel replacement.

How do you screen guests?  We make every effort to ask the hard questions and deliver qualified renters to your home. While we cannot guarantee we will avoid every problem our system of questions and qualification has had kept incidents very rare. Every rental will be covered by a $1,900.00 accidental damage policy or waiver which encourages guests to report damage and not conceal it for discovery later.

How do you set rental rates for my home?  For each home we perform a competitive analysis of the vacation rental market place based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, number of people the home can accommodate, location and condition of the home.  From this, we suggest low, peak, and holiday season rates to the homeowner.  The final decision is based on a consensus between URelax and the homeowner.

Do you require your vacation homes to provide linens and towels for the guests?  We do require that good quality bedding and towels be provided by the owner, and this has become industry standard.   Due to back-to-back rentals that frequently occur during the summer months, we require 2 sets of sheets for each bed and twice the number of towels required for the number of people the home sleeps, to ensure guest satisfaction and a successful vacation rental.  Our inclusive management program replaces towels at no cost to you.

When do I receive my income?  Owner income is paid when your statement is issued no later than the 10th of the following month.  All concluded reservations for the preceding month are paid by EFT directly into your designated account. Our goal is to disburse your funds as quickly as possible and many times we can have your income in your account by the 2nd or 3rd of the month. 

How about bookkeeping?  Our industry leading cloud based reservation system provides a owners portal that delivers statements and shows all future reservations with income for each booking in real time.  Our partners can accurately project earned and future income with this tool. At the end of the year a summary report can be generated for your accountant saving time and money.

Photos and Video?  We provide professional photo services for your home at no cost so it can look its best. This is our investment in your success!  Videos are also available, please contact us if you are interested.

How will the transition work?  URelax is committed to making a smooth transition for the homeowner.  We will work closely with you to determine the best time of the year for the transition.  We will get your home established on our website and advertising websites very quickly to make sure that there is an absolute minimum of down time.