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URelax Rental Policies

URelax offers only premium vacation rentals and we strive to provide you, our guests, exceptionally clean and well-maintained accommodations so that you can enjoy a carefree vacation.  Below you will find our rental policies that are designed to clearly state what you can expect from us and what we expect from you when you rent our homes. We will make every effort to take great care of you during your stay and we ask that you take great care of our properties in return.   Please take a few moments to read over our policies.
NOTE: In placing a deposit to reserve any property with URelax Vacation Rentals, whether by phone or online, you agree to all of the terms, conditions and policies stated in our Terms and Conditions.  On this page we provide an abbreviated, easy-to-read version of these.  Each reservation confirmation also includes all of the terms, conditions, and policies. 


Guest must meet minimum age requirements to reserve and/or check-in.  All others staying in the home are invitees of guest who contracted with URelax.  The contracted guest is fully responsible for the actions and behavior of his/her invitees.
Guest acknowledges and understands that he/she is a temporary guest of the property and not a tenant. This rental agreement is unique to the registered guest and may not be sublet or otherwise assigned to any other persons. 


The maximum number of people permitted to stay overnight at the property is the number shown on your reservation confirmation and is clearly shown on the property information pages The maximum occupancy provided for each home ensures that we stay within the legally allowed occupancy as stipulated by the city or county.
Large gatherings are not allowed and this home shall not be used in combination with other vacation accommodations.  This means that if the occupants have friends or family renting other homes or residing in the area, our homes are not to be used as the gathering place for the larger group.  PLEASE ABIDE BY THIS RULE!  If an excessive number of people are found at the property, it will be grounds for eviction with no reimbursement.  This will be strictly enforced!
In general, you may have up to 4 additional daytime visitors during your rental for homes that allow occupancy up to 7 and up to 2 additional visitors for homes that accommodate 6 or less guests. Daytime visitors must depart by 8 PM and daytime visitors should not be a daily occurrence during your rental. 


If a guest reservation is made more than 60 days in the future, URelax will collect 15% of the total invoice. Reservation deposits, partial or in full are NON-REFUNDABLE after the 48 hour grace period. The balance of your full payment is due 60 days prior to the arrival date of your rental period. By authorizing the rental deposit payment via credit card or Electronic Check (E-CHECK), the guest also authorizes URelax to charge to the credit card/electronic check on file the balance of the total charges on the balance due date unless other arrangements have been made prior to that date.  When the balance payment is charged, a confirmation notice will be sent via email to confirm processing of your payment.
If a guest books a rental less than 60 days in advance of the stay, the full payment will be charged to your credit card/Electronic Check at time of booking.


We want to do everything possible to make your trip enjoyable and worry free so we strongly recommended that our guests purchase the Property Protection Plan. We offer this program for $59.00 or $99.00 based on the specific home and the amount of coverage provided. The program provides up to $1,900.00 or $2,500.00 in coverage for any unintentional damage to the home or condo that might occur during your stay.  We know that no one ever intends to damage anything during their stay but accidents do happen!
If you decide not to purchase the Property Protection Plan, a $1,900.00 or $2,500.00 deposit will be required 14 days before your occupancy of the home. We are unable to accept credit cards for the damage deposit, the deposit can be made by direct debit to your checking account or a paper check received by us no later than 14 days prior to arrival. If no damages are found to the home, your money will be returned within 14 days after departure. Please review the full terms of the Property Protection Plan, click here. URelax Property Protection Plan 
Note: We are unable to accept Cash for the security deposit or for any payments due under our contract


 If the damages caused by your group are determined to be intentional or malicious or if the remedy of the damage exceeds $1,900.00 or $2,500.00 based on the coverage purchased the additional amount will be charged to the credit card/checking account on file.
For items not covered by the Property Protection Plan, such as long-distance phone calls billed to the house phone or excessive cleaning as identified by housekeeper after your departure (excessive trash disposal, excessive cleaning, upholstery or carpet cleaning required), Guest authorizes URelax to apply any cash security deposit to these charges and/or to charge Guest via credit card/E-Check or by written bill.


Please report any damage that you notice upon check-in via phone or email to avoid being charged for damage that you didn’t create. 


Because the unforeseen and unexpected can occur before you leave or when you are away from home, we offer two levels of Travel Insurance through Nationwide: Play Travel Protection and Cancel for Any Reason. The standard Play Travel Protection insurance is offered at 7% of your reservation total and provides you with protection against certain cancelation conditions, including unique coverage reasons such as pets, school, and work. The Cancel for Any Reason** insurance is offered at 9.8% of your reservation total and covers 100% of standard coverage cancellation reasons and up to 60% of non-refundable costs for any reason you may need to cancel.
To find out more specific information about the Insurance Plans, please visit our Travel and Damage Insurance page.  If you have purchased travel insurance along with your reservation and have to cancel, delay or change your reservation for a covered reason, please contact the provider directly.  Reimbursement will be paid by Nationwide directly to you, not by URelax .


BEFORE FINAL PAYMENT IS DUE (61 days or more before arrival)
If the guest cancels his/her reservation 61 days or more from arrival, the reservation deposit is nonrefundable. To protect against cancelations caused by certain unforeseen events, such as illness, we recommend that Guests purchase travel insurance. If you have purchased travel insurance and cancel your stay you will need to pursue a claim with the insurer for any compensation of payments made. All claims for compensation under the terms of your insurance are to be between the guest and the insurer.
AFTER FINAL PAYMENT IS DUE (60 days or less before arrival)
If the guest cancels his/her reservation 60 days or less from arrival, all collected money is non-refundable except the Property Protection Plan fee and the cleaning fee charged.  This policy also applies if a guest decides not to stay at a rental upon arrival. If your reservation is canceled 60 days or less from arrival and the full payment has not been made, the total deposit will be forfeited because the Property Protection Plan fee, security deposit and pre-paid cleaning fees are included in the final balance payment.
To protect against cancellations caused by certain unforeseen events, such as illness or transportation interruptions, we recommend that our guests purchase travel insurance to assure refund of non-refundable deposits paid.  There are no refunds for early departures. 
If the rental unit becomes unfit for habitation as determined by the owner and/or URelax, the guest’s payments are 100% refundable for any unused time at the home.


URelax may cancel a reservation for convenience or at the direction of the home owner with 60 days’ notice.  If this should be necessary, we will issue a full refund of all payments and deposits collected.


Any changes made to an existing reservation 61 days or more from arrival will be made by URelax at no charge. Changes made to reservations 60 days or less from arrival are subject to approval by URelax and may have special cancellation or change terms.


URelax is happy to return any items left by a guest at our vacation rentals. URelax is not responsible for any personal items which may be lost or stolen from your rental. Always lock all of the doors and windows when you leave the property (even if you are not on the ground floor). Do not leave your valuables in plain sight. Any items left in the units and requested to be returned to the guest will be subject to a service fee of $25.00. You will be contacted by our mail back service concerning shipment options and for payment of the actual shipping charges which is in addition to the $25.00 service fee.


Rental property equipment and amenities such as TV's, appliances, air conditioning, pools, hot tubs, etc. may go out of service or need replacement during your stay. In such a case, notify URelax immediately and we will do everything within our ability to correct the situation.  This shall not be cause for a full or partial refund. 


URelax properties are self-catering. The property will be clean upon your arrival and will be cleaned after you leave. The property will be set up with fresh bed linens, bath towels, and a beginning supply of consumable products when you arrive. For a list of these, please see our Home Amenities. You are responsible for additional supplies you may need during your stay.
Mid-stay cleanings are available during your stay.  Please contact URelax for pricing. 


URelax makes every effort to provide our guests with very clean, well-maintained rentals. The guest agrees to maintain the cleanliness of the premises during occupancy and promises to exercise care in the treatment of the accommodations and furnishings. Guest agrees to leave URelax Vacation Rentals property, premises and furnishings in clean and undamaged condition. This includes starting the dishwasher, taking out the trash, and making sure all doors and windows are closed and locked upon departure. The guest further understands that URelax Vacation Rentals reserves the right, and guest authorizes URelax Vacation Rentals to charge guest for items not completed, any necessary repairs, and/or for any unusual degree of cleaning which may be necessary. Guest shall not bring, keep, or have either inside or outside the premises of URelax Vacation Rentals property any article or thing of a hazardous nature, including fireworks, explosives, flammable items, firearms or other dangerous explosives or substances.


URelax, its agents, employees and contractors may enter the premises at any time in the event of emergency or to perform urgent repairs but will use its best efforts to give advance notice for normal maintenance calls. Short term vacation rentals are not subject to normal Landlord-Tenant regulations regarding entry during your occupancy.


No Smoking

All URelax properties are Non-Smoking.  Smoking is not allowed within 20 feet from any door or window opening.  If you do smoke, we ask that you abide by these rules and also keep doors and windows closed so the smoke does not drift in.  If there is any evidence of smoking, you are responsible for the additional expenses for the remediation of all smoke odors and damage of the property with a minimum charge of $250.00. 


Pets are permitted in some of our properties but not all of them. This will be specifically noted on each property’s information page and will be detailed within your confirmation. Guests are responsible for any and all damages caused by their pet, Property Protection Plan does not apply to these damages.  Please see the Pet Policies page for all rules required for pets.  Any guest found with a pet in a property that is not pet friendly will be required to vacate the premises without refund and will be subject to an additional cleaning fee of $250.00 minimum.

Telephone Use

NOT ALL PROPERTIES HAVE A LAND LINE.  For those that do, for long distance calls, cell phone use is recommended. Most properties that have a residential phone line have blocked long distance. Charges incurred during reservation for phone services outside of local service (411, long distance, collect calls, etc.) will be guest's responsibility. 

Quiet Use of Property

All of our properties are for quiet residential use and guests must respect the neighbors and the community around the home.  Parties, receptions, events and large gatherings of any kind are strictly prohibited unless you have received prior authorization from URelax.  Quiet hours are from 7 p.m. to 8 a.m.  Noise complaints outside of these hours are subject to local law enforcement intervention and if this occurs, it is considered a breach of the rental contract.

Parking & Prohibited Vehicles

City ordinances require that all guest vehicles be parked off the street. Please make every effort to abide by this as this can result in a fine for violations of this rule. Parking of campers, RVs and boat trailers are not allowed at any of the homes.  


Use of Pools or Hot Tubs

Guest shall not permit any use of a pool or hot tub/spa by unsupervised children or other persons not included in the reservation and shall keep pool gates closed at all times.

 Internet Access

While internet service is provided at all URelax properties, URelax does not warrant the connectivity or equipment. Internet support is not offered by URelax beyond providing the access or log-on information. Support may be obtained by guest via the internet provider only. Internet connection or equipment failure is not cause for full or partial refund. 


Town Ordinances

Guest agrees to abide by the covenants of any Homeowners Association and all city and county ordinances.  The Manager has the right to terminate this agreement and ask violators to vacate the premises should the guest be found to be in violation of these ordinances. In which case, no refund will be given for remaining reserved days. Occupancy and use of the premises and communal areas shall not be such as to disturb or offend Guests or Residents (e.g. guests may not hang articles of clothing from window or balconies, bikes must be stored in designated areas, etc.) House parties and other large gatherings are not allowed. Our properties are located in residential areas and are rented for personal vacation use only. Loud music or other noise will result in immediate eviction without refund.



URelax assumes no liability for your stay or the activities that you partake in during your visit. Guest acknowledges that URelax is not responsible for any loss of money, jewelry, or other personal items of guests or any invitees of guest. Guest hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless URelax for damage to person or property arising out of or in any way related to guest or invitees of guest use of premises resulting from the building or any part of it or any equipment or appurtenance becoming out of repair, or resulting from any accident in or about the building, or resulting directly or indirectly from any act or neglect of any guest of the property, invitees of guest or of any other person. Guest assumes the risk of injury and any related pain and suffering or medical expenses or other losses relating to the use of URelax property and/or recreational activities on the premises or in the city where property is located and will hold URelax Vacation Rentals harmless with respect thereto.

 **In placing a deposit to reserve any property with URelax Vacation Rentals, whether by phone or online, you agree to all of the terms, conditions and policies set forth within. Each confirmation also includes all of these terms, conditions, and policies. **