About Us

URelax Vacation Rentals along with its partner companies have grown in the last 5 years to become the premier vacation rental provider in the area. We specialize in using leading edge technology and practices to stay ahead of the competition. Our advertising venues distribute our homes around the world offering our homes in 16 native foreign websites. Prospective guests receive a response with accurate pricing, confirmed availability and can complete the booking process online 24/7/365. We also have a 7 day a week, 12 hours a day live reservation call center that makes URelax a clear choice for any homeowner serious about offering their home as a vacation rental.

Our success is based in large part on our superior ability to optimally market and book our homes by creating compelling advertising on multiple websites and engaging the vacation rental customer in a friendly and welcoming manner.  URelax continually seeks out new advertising venues and leading-edge methods to produce exceptional results. Our approach exceeds our owner’s expectations in both financial gains and guest satisfaction. 

If you are an owner currently managing your own vacation rental and feeling overwhelmed with everything involved or if you are using a full-service property management company but would like to be more involved and pay less commission, please give us a call. Contact us today to find out more about the unique opportunity we are offering to maximize the results of your vacation rental with less than half of your current effort. 

Our goal is to be the leader in offering only the finest vacation homes in our services areas so travelers can come to trust that if they reserve a home with URelax, they will be assured of a good experience.  We also strive to be the best partner for involved homeowners by producing earnings that will far exceed what could be achieved by an individuals or a small professional property manager.  We anticipate that our superior results will more than offset our commissions and will free you of the tedious tasks of creating and maintaining advertising on multiple websites, updating calendars, answering inquiries, providing check-in instructions, notifying housekeepers and keeping up with all the accounting.

Give us a call today to find out how we can help you to maximize the potential of your vacation home.